Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee is home to some of the world’s most coveted artworks. The Milwaukee Art Museum is a very popular tourist destination in the city. It features a collection of more than 30,000 pieces of art from around the world. They contain a good mixture of antique pieces and modern ones. The Quadracci Pavilion is a stunning work of art in itself. The architecture is striking as it was carefully curated by the most talented engineers and designers. It features the most coveted wings of the Burke Brise Soleil which are interestingly movable. The entire collection contains various prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs and decorative arts. When you visit the Milwaukee Museum of Art, you will be fascinated by its beauty. It is considered to be one of the best museums in the United States. It has a great variety of different art inspirations. It holds plenty of American decorative artworks, Haitian art, folk art and German Expressionism. Compared to any other art museum in the city, it caters to the most varied range of pieces which makes it the most ideal destination.

The Milwaukee Museum of Art is where you will find the largest collection of works by the renowned Wisconsin based painter, Georgia O’Keeffe. Children of all ages would surely enjoy visiting the Kohl’s Art Generation Open Studio. It is open from 10AM-4PM during the weekends. Kids will be able to bring home the art projects which they will be making themselves. The best part about it is that they can get in for free in the studio if they have a museum admission ticket. There is also a place to relax inside the museum. The Coffee Shop is where you will be able to rest and have a quick snack. If you’re looking for a complete meal, you can visit Cafe Calatrava which serves the most delicious food. They have a creative menu which they constantly change up according to the current special exhibition held in the museum.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is the biggest art museum in the city. It is the best place to feel inspired while looking at the various art pieces. It will allow you to enhance your creativity by being exposed to different kinds of paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints and many more. You will be able to achieve a deeper appreciation of sculptors, painters and artists as you gaze upon their magnificent creations. The Milwaukee Limo Service offers the best transportation in and around the city. They will be able to take you to and from your destination. If you’re looking for the most luxurious form of transportation, you will not be disappointed by their services. They provide convenience, efficiency and a high quality of service which is unrivaled by any other limo service company. Art enthusiasts would surely have a great time exploring the museum. There is something for everyone in the Milwaukee Museum of Art. Whether you’re traveling with kids, as a couple or as a solo traveler, it is a must see destination. Your visit to the city wouldn’t be complete without stopping by and checking the superb art works you can find inside.