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What a Year...2013! by Camille Roman

| 01 January, 2014 00:17


This year, 2013, began like any other, but fate stepped in and gave me some challenges that pushed me, tested me, evolved me, bettered me.


I have completed all of the tests, and treatments, and almost all the surgeries that I needed to do to become a SURVIVOR of this disease, and I. AM. A. SURVIVOR!!!


Out of the bad, came many, many good things. Thank God for the gift of “painting”!  Like pages in a book, I have been able to document my journey from one canvas to another.  When I look at them I can say proudly that I do not see ANY negativity in them.  I was able to paint, light and goodness, inspiration, hopefulness and forward thinking.  I will not look back.  I am only looking forward! 


 Thanks to the support of friends and family,

I was put on a “Pathway to Hope”…and I am forever grateful.




 Gotta say….the meds gave me some good dreams, colorful dreams,

“Hopeful Dreams”…



 I have met so many people, learned so many things and felt so much love that it made me “Ready for the Journey”, and HOPE never left me…




Along the way, and before my very eyes,

I saw “My Life in Bloom”…



 I have cleared one hurdle after the other, and I can say from my heart, that I am facing the new year with the fortune to have “New Beginnings”!  




I am living the new year as one of “Abundance”

of perfect health, of unconditional love,



 of continuous “Waves of Happiness”,

 of Prosperity (and yes…I do mean $$$$),




 I wish all these things and more to you and your families.  Thank you so much for all the love and support through this past year.  I’m looking forward to many more opportunities to learn and grow and give back to others, and enjoy time with all of you!

Stop by my new web store "Evoke Your Heart Art" where I have put all of these inspirational paintings, and I offer functional art pieces and original words of inspiration to pass onto others who need it.  Let's face it....we can all use encouragement, inspiration and support in our daily lives!  So...Evoke Your Heart and purchase some inspiration today for the ones you love!

Happy New year!

Your friend in art…




Happy New Year! Media Mention and What's Coming....

| 15 January, 2013 08:12


Well, this is my first blog of the new year so......Happy New Year to you!  May each of you be on the track for a year full of happiness, good health, abundance and love of family and friends!


Media Mention

I am starting out the year right with a mention at ArtPromotivate online artist site.  The article, "10 Artists and the Music They Listen to While Painting", came out yesterday and yours truly is listed.  Click the link and check it out! This is a wonderful site that provides artists with articles about and links to a mulitude of help on marketing, artwork, other artists work, etc., and is a great site for art collectors as well. The emerging artists of the world can get exposure to more people who love art, and is a good base to attract more followers.  Thanks to Graham Matthews who is the owner of ArtPromotive, but is also a wonderful artist as well!  Check out his site at:


Coming in 2013


Show Participation:

There is so much on my "to do" list, and for starters I plan to be much more active in show participation.  I have a new series of frescos and mixed media paintings in the works, and want to get them out there for people to see in person.  No matter how good the photos are....until you see them in person you don't truly get to appreciate the content and texture of the pieces.  I will post upcoming shows as they come along.  I hope to see some of you there!


Blogs and Guest Blogs:

I will also be more active in guest blogging, in addition to my own blog.  I have been receiving some kudos for some of my written pieces, and I have always enjoyed writing so I will be doing more of it...regularly.  If there are any topics, in particular, you would like to hear about from me...please do let me know.  I love hearing from you!  Your feedback is very important to me.


Facebook and Twitter rankings:

Active campaigning to get more followers on my Facebook page and Twitter feed is on my list.  I haven't concentrated on it as much as I should this last year, but my goal is to raise those numbers and get my work and my name out there! 


I'm hoping that YOU, my family, friends, colleagues and art collectors will assist me by "Liking" my Artwork by Camille page in facebook, and becoming a follower on my @ArtbyCamille Twitter feed. Please tell your friends and family about me, and have them "Like" my page, and follow my Twitter. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


Education of the craft, the mind and the body:

The key to what kind of life you have depends on YOU, and how you perceive and react to the things that happen in your life.  You mom has always been a person who taught my sisters and I to think positive, work hard and be a good person to others.  I remember while growing up that she was always reading some self help book or taking classes on various things to help her in her life journey.  I have also done that, and have applied little things here and there, but not as much as I should have.  This past year I have really tried to implement things I have learned because they do you no good if you don't use the skills you have acquired.  Easy to say....not always easy to do, but YOU MUST make the effort

We go through our lives everyday, and often like robots.  Have you ever been in a drive through window, and you have the most rude person taking orders?  OMG! That can just really fire you up, and ruin your morning.  I have been there, done that.  Emotions spread like wildfire...especially when they are negative. 


In the last month I decided to try something.  I have been making a point of making sure I am not in one of those robotic moments when I am interacting with someone in such a mundane act such as ordering food, paying a cashier at a store, taking a letter to the post office, etc. I make an extra effort to put a smile on my face, have a happy tone, look that person in the eye, and wish them a good day.  Now...I am not saying it is 100% full proof, but I have noticed a definite change in attitude by the receiving person.  The reactions I have received have given me enough encouragement "to keep up the good work"! know what?  It makes my day better!  What more can I ask for?  Hopefully these little acts of kindness will make other people's days better, and so on and so on and so on!


I am looking forward to an exciting year of new artwork, having experiences that help me grow as a person and an artist, and making a positive contribution to the lives of others.


Have a great day!

Your friend in art....

Camille - An Interview with Camille Roman .....A Journey Through Visual Expression

| 10 December, 2012 08:16

See my latest interview at!

Click on the image to read the full article!  Let me know your feedback!

Your friend in art...


Here Come the Holidays!

| 15 November, 2012 11:28






Yes, it is that time of year again!  Pretty soon families all over the U.S. will be warming up their ovens, and filling them with all the yummy tasting Turkey day foods.  Relatives will arrive periodically, and will be greeted with open arms, and a waft of roasted holiday goodness to entice their senses!


It's Thanksgiving Day!  The weather is cooler.  The sounds of a football game are streaming from the tv in the background, while in the kitchen, the clinks and clanks of bowls and plates are heard amidst the chitter chatter of family members playing catch up on all the family gossip!  Traditions from long ago are mixed with those new ones from the latest generation.  These threads linking each member from the oldest to the newest. 




There is so much to be thankful for, and we don't even always know it.  Look around you.  There are many happenings going on in the world, in our neighborhoods, in our own families.  Some are good and some are not.  Give thanks to be alive. To be able to have the opportunity to tell those you love that you love them.  To be able to hug your child, spouse, parent, sibling, friend or pet. To have the opportunity to give comfort and strength or a simple smile to a stranger, family member or friend who unknowingly needs it more than you will ever know. 




Even little ol' you can make a difference in the world.  It begins with one person and starts a chain reaction.  Just like negative words and actions can spread like wildfire to infect too can a kind word or action reach a multitude of people.



I am wishing you and yours a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving! 

Keep your emails coming!  I love to hear from you!


 Don't forget to give the gift of art! 

Holiday shopping kick off is right around the corner. 

Contact me today to purchase something from my website or to commission a special, one of a kind gift,  for your friend or loved one! **** 


Your friend in art.....




Art! In this Economy?

| 07 September, 2012 07:23


Recently, I was reading an article about how art sales and gallery openings are steadily increasing in Rio de Janero.  Collecting art, which was once a penchant held only by a small section of their upper echelon, is now becoming a desired investment by the middle class.  Fine artwork collection is now congruous with other status symbols as expensive cars or exotic vacations.


In a country where, previously, you couldn't even find a listing for gallery exhibitions, now there are whole sections devoted to art.  The Brazilians were not unlike people of other countries facing economic hard times. They too, were thinking of how to make ends meet, price inflation, job security.  Their country has made many changes in a short time.  These changes have allowed the people to focus on other things, including art.  They are trying to show that having fine art is not just for people with millions.  Art is for people who love art, no matter the income level. further reading this article...there were comments posted, and one in particular set me off in a bad way.  What is worse, is that I know that many people feel this way.  Let me replay the comment for you, and then I will summarize my opinion.


The comment stated, "How far are works of art going to get you once the global economy collapses?  Probably a better idea to purchase things that are of actual use." 


My rebuttal to that is....

Let me just say that, yes, we are in a very tough economy.  People all over the world have felt the pressure of inflation, the devastation of job loss, how to figure out how to put food on the table.  All of those things are true, and in all of our faces.  I'm not saying that everyone should run out and purchase a piece of art right now, but I will say that for that person to make the comment that people should buy things that are of actual use is so far off the mark.


If there were no art where would people get inspiration?  How would we document our history?  How would we evolve our society and make a world capable of sustaining a growing population?  How would we invoke feelings in the individual person?  Art has been all of these things and more.


**********It doesn't matter if you are viewing the Sistine Chapel for the first time or the tenth time.  The sheer knowledge that such beauty came from the hands of a person, a gift from God, has brought people to tears

**********How about a mother who has had a portrait done of her children, and tears of joy stream from her eyes because it summons all the love in her heart upon seeing it? 

***********What about an average woman, viewing a small painting of a lady gazing into a starry, moonlit sky with silhouettes of a couple in the clouds?  It brings such joy to her heart because it reminds her of she and her husband, and the journey they had to take before they could be together. 


These things are real. They have occurred.  Two of the paintings I mentioned were mine, and something I created invoked those feelings in the people viewing them.  There have been more instances like these.  To me, that is priceless.  Yes....I need to make a living like everyone else.  I want to make my living at creating art.  I believe whole heartedly in having art be good, and be affordable for anyone who wants it.  Just because you aren't a millionaire, doesn't mean you can't have a piece of art that moves you.  That inspires you.  That brings great joy to you.  AND, just because a piece of art isn't $1,000 doesn't mean it isn't good.


With all the cuts in funding for the arts and education, we are losing the chance to train wonderful creators, losing opportunities to provide inspiration and joy to people who really need it now, more than ever, and cutting off at the knees, the future ability to inspire creative and new technology to help the world, in general.


Art is important!  Make no mistake!


We need to teach our children the importance of art, to create it and to support it.  There is artwork available at all price points by many wonderful artists, and even a small painting can inspire.  It is a great gift to lift the spirits.  Art museum memberships are another way to support the arts and are a great way to teach children and adults.


Have a great day!  Go and get inspired!  Please support the arts!


Your friend in art....


Frescos! My New Love!

| 08 August, 2012 07:13

Let me just say.....I AM IN LOVE!


A new romance has begun for me!  Ahhhhhh, yes...I have found a new love in my life and thy name is FRESCO!   I have been bitten by the bug, and now I am hungry for another chance to do it again!


You know.....I have to say what I always say.  It is very important to always try new things, meet new people who are like minded, take chances.  Without going that extra mile, and being open to try new challenges you might miss out on something faaaaaaabulous!


I feel like a teenage girl who is babbling, with words traveling at the speed of sound, to her girlfriends about the cutest boy in school who just glanced her way!  I love when I have this giddy feeling about a new medium I have learned!  It is really very exciting.  I have always been a handy person and an artistist person.  I love to create and I never limit myself to finding different ways to do so.  Whether building or reconstructing a piece of furniture, painting posters for my kids football games, create a beautifully written process manual or creating a piece of fine art....I have always found a way to use my creativity one way or another.  Creating frescos incorporates both my handiness and creativity!


So....let me give you a little recap on my fresco class! My friend Sandra Ortega and I set up shop in my garage this past weekend, and she taught me the basics of fresco painting.


We started by mixing up lime putty with sand to create a consistency like a mortar.


Once the mortar was mixed, we spread it out in the handmade frames we built by using a trowel. 


Next, we let the mixture setup for a bit until surface firmed up a bit.


Once it was ready, we took a copy of a "cartoon" ( a drawing), and placed it gently over the mix.  We used a pointed tool to gently poke small holes along the outline of the drawing.  Now, this being my first fresco, I drew a section out of Botticelli's "Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman".  Simple, but interesting."




Next, it was time to mix up the colors needed for the painting.  Using pure pigments, a motar and pestle and distilled water, we mixed up our paints.



Laying on the first layers of color.  You have to move fairly quickly.  The weather makes a big difference.  We worked in the gargage, and despite it being humid, it was hot enough to really start drying out the fresco mix quicker than expected. 



The more color that I added, the richer looking it became....



Finally, the signature!  Lots of work over a course of about 6.5 hours.


However....the saga didn't stop there!  Right after I signed my grandson, who is always interested in my artwork and had been watching us during the process...out of the blue decided he wanted to try the trowelOn my artworkAcross her face and neck!  OMG!  It was like someone stabbed me in the heart!  Poor kid thought it was hard and just wanted to do what his grandmother was doing!  Needless to say my poor woman looked like she had a severe skin condition!  The look on my face said it all. I was stunned, and my grandson's eyes looked like saucers when he realized what he had done.  I sent him into the house while I recovered and figured out what to do.  Poor boy was distraught because he thought he ruined his grandmother's painting.  (So was I!)


So....I learned first hand what to do to fix a fresco that is starting to dry out.  Just trying to smooth it at that point in time was just causing more rough patches.  I put my thinking cap on and I took some of the lime putty and smoothed it over the injured area.  Thankfully, the mixture smoothed out enough where I could paint again, and fortunately I was able to recreate her face to match the rest of her!


Well, my friends...there is the recap of my first fresco.  I will tell you that most definitely, I am going to create more of them!  I'm hooked!


Have a great day!  Try something new!  You just never know what will happen!


Your friend in art....



| 31 July, 2012 07:25



As you know from previous blogs, I have become quite interested in integrating various textures into my paintings.  The practice has become quite consuming, and it has led me to exploring another texturized art form.....frescos!  Seems like a natural progression for me.  While I paint mostly contempory style paintings, I also love old world art, and I will be working on my first piece this weekend!


Thanks to another artist friend of mine ,who has created some beautiful frescos of her own, I am lucky enough to be able to get my little hands involved in that medium courtesy of her tutelage!  Stay tuned!  I will be posting "in process" photos as I work on my first fresco!  I am planning to do a 20"H x 10"W reproduction of a portion of the Botticelli painting, "Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman".  I love Botticelli's works, and hope to do justice in my little reproduction, and maybe put my own twist on it!


Arrivederci!  Until next time!


Your friend in art....


An Artist's Best Friend!

| 26 July, 2012 17:07

It’s late at night, and you are in the studio, consumed with an unbridled passion to get your painting done. You have some inspirational music playing on your iPod or computer to help the inspiration flow down your body and into the brush.  Everyone else in the house has gone to bed long before now, well…all except your loyal friend(s). 


Who, pray tell, am I speaking of?  Well your furry friend, of course!  In my case it is two furry friends.  My little shadows, who are always as close to my feet as possible, keeping me company. Giving me silent support in what I am trying to portray on a gesso covered canvas.  Every once in awhile lifting their heads to make sure I know they are there.  I acknowledge them with a nod or a pat on the head, and a smile, and they go back to resting their heads, satisfied that they have made their presence known.  My collie/blue healer, Haley, is such a princess.   She always sits so regally with her front legs crossed, just like a little lady.  Of course, that goes out the window if I decide to pet her.  Then she drops like a sack of potatoes to her back, and all fours are in the air!  No shame whatsoever!  My little Riley, who is part Corgi and part Shiba Inu, has a face on him that looks like he is always smiling.  I’m told he gets that from the Shiba side, along with his curly pig tail!  I enjoy both of them immensely.


Whether you have dogs or cats or birds or hamsters… is always nice to know you have someone there with you, sharing in your efforts, being a sounding board when you are talking to yourself!  Unfortunately, I do that quite often!  Like they are going to give me answers!


When the little helpers are not being my sounding board, they often become my muses. They make wonderful models, and are happy to oblige, most times.  However, I will say that my little furry friends like to play games with me when I am trying to photograph them so that I can draw or paint them in the most adorable pose.  The little prima donnas see my camera coming, and they turn their heads away from me!  Hmmmmm… about diva behavior!  If I don’t get them while they are sleeping….I am often out of luck!  Every once in awhile though, they accommodate me, and I am grateful.  Below are some photos of my babies!  I would love to hear from you, and see pictures of the furry friends who keep you company!  Share your stories about them with me! 





So here’s to all the little furry friends who are staunch supporters of our work!  Our best buddies who stand by us during thick and thin!  What would we do without them?


Have a great day!


Your friend in art...



Chicago Sunset!

| 19 July, 2012 17:39


I will tell you what......Chicago just has an amaaaaaazing skyline!  There is a variety of archtectural styles, the view of lake Michigan is spectacular!  Throw in a sunrise or a sunset and it is picture perfect!  No wonder so many paintings and photographs have been created.  It really is a beautiful city, and there is so much to do.


With that being said....I have several new paintings of the Chicago skyline completed in a new style with which I have been experimenting.  The painting boasts a layered look with high gloss background that separates the layers.  In addition, there is a frame built into the painting, which is handpainted as well with a black trim and high gloss inset.  I had great fun creating them.  I hope you like them.  Below is a sneak peek at the first one...."Sunset Over the City".


Let me know your opinion!  I love to hear from you!


Have a great day!


Your friend in art....



It's the Little Things that Make a Difference

| 10 July, 2012 07:50

You know, sometimes we are so busy with our own lives, and we are doing the daily grind like robots programmed to do repetitive motions over and over and over.  However, as of late, I have come to realize that little ol' me can make a difference, and not even know it.


Over the last few years I have been working so hard to try and "be an artist".  It is tough when you are starting out, and with a bad economy, know the road can be a bit bumpy.  I have been trying to learn art techniques and acquire business saavy, and meet other like minded individuals in order to mold myself, AND still hold a day job to support my art life.  All these things mirror what many other artists are doing so how does that make me special?  It doesn't, or at least that is what I thought.


I have been so busy chugging along trying to get my career in order, and I didn't notice that along the way I have been inspiring others to get on the path to their dreams.  That is, until someone came up to me and told me so.  Actually, several somebodys have made a mention as such to me over the last few months.  Quite frankly, I was shocked.  I was so focused on my own little goal that when someone thanked me for inspiring them, it was like waking up from a fog.  Huh????  Afterall, I'm a fledgling artist myself.  How could I be inspiring someone else? 


Turns out that my passion for trying new things, and the excitement I have about my art, and art in general, is being transferred to others and I didn't even know it!  Right there is the reason I create art.  I create art to generate emotion in others.  I state this right on my home page.  Sooooooooo what if I am not a famous artist.......YET!  I have been spurred on even further because now I know for a fact that every little action counts whether you know it or not!  I always say we must help out other artists in any way we can.  Now I know it is a must!  If you can bring happiness and inspiration to someone else.....why not do just that?  I mean, as is our job to inspire, transport, enlighten.


Set a good example, be positive, help others!

The payback to the soul is priceless!


My "Little Pockets of Humanity" painting was created to express how happy I feel to know that in a sea of chaos....every once in awhile someone comes along and gives you hope, or proof that you can make a difference in this big world.  Hey, and it actually won an award for Special Recognition at the Light Space & Time online art gallery for the June 2012 Abstract Art Competition!  Check it out! I'm on page 55!  Click here. 


Well, my art's a new day!  Who knows what is waiting for you!

Have a good one!


Your friend in art...



The Bare Truth! Try Something New and Shake the Rust Off!

| 25 June, 2012 09:55 this weekend I attended a figurative drawing session given by a local artist, Janet Mamon, in Barrington, IL.  She has a little pop up gallery that is around the corner from her studio , and she has been featuring various events throughout the month of June, and hosting seminars in order to promote positive energy and art awareness in the community. Also to sell some of her wonderful abstract and figurative paintings.


For years I have primarily concentrated on cityscapes and landscapes, but in the last year I have been doing figurative paintings as well.  It has been a long time since I have done a nude model figurative class.  It wasn't the nude model thing....afterall....I am an artist!  However, each pose was done for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, and boy.....I had to really shake the rust off!  I had forgotten how to get my mind to see what is in front of me, see it quickly and translate that to the page before me!  I can do it with my cityscapes because I am so used to working with them.  With people it is a little different.  Actually, it was a lot different! 


After the first few poses, I got my bearings back and started to loosen up.  At first I was trying so hard to see and input all of the details.  Once I took in the overall shape, and concentrated on the lights and darks of the subject....I felt so much more at ease and I was able to accomplish some better drawings.  Hmmmm....I actually felt inspired after this little exercise!  Why hadn't I done this sooner?


The reason I am blogging about this today is that I want to share some insite with my fellow artists.

First, take note of what the hosting artist did.  Giving back to the community and spreading art awareness is a goal that all artists should have.  To support our peers and give opportunities to them is just as important as educating our clients.  As artists, we have the ability to inspire and shape the world with our gifts. We can create the ideas and put them into action ourselves, or lay the ground work for others to take the baton and run with it.

Second, find a class or seminar and try something you haven't done in a long time, or even at all.  It will help shake the rust off and quite possibly open your mind to a new twist you can add to your style!  Every day brings a new opportunity and has the promise of potential.


So, my is a new day!  Go out and find some inspirationTry new thingsHelp out another artist who is searching for the right path!  It's going to be a good day!


Your friend in art...


Abstracts........exploring a new frontier!

| 12 June, 2012 10:07

Well, my art friends, I have ventured into new waters for an art competition this month.  The competition is for abstracts, and I thought this would be a great learning experience for me. After working on a couple of paintings I have found it to be quite difficult to do them! 


I pride myself on being logical, process driven and yet creative in many avenues.  I am in no way a painter of realism, but I enjoy a contemporary viewpoint in my artwork that is more representational, but with a twist.  Abstracts, however, pushed my skillset.  I really have to work on this to a greater degree because my mindset has to be different.  I typically work on exaggerated cityscapes and romantic figurative, but to create without replicating something in nature or the current landscape is quite difficult for me.....HOWEVER......I accept the challenge!


That being said....below are two of my abstracts that are in process.  Unfinished, but at a point where I would love to have some constructive feedback on them.  They are both very different....but both have texture to them and physically emerge from the canvas in some way.



  • Tell me what you like or don't like about them. 
  • If you like one or both...tell me what draws you to them.  Color, style, texture...whatever it is....I want to know! ;)
  • If you do not like one or both...tell me why. 
  • Is there a style between the two you prefer?
  • Tell me anything else that comes to mind.  Be honest...this is how I learn!


Most importantly....Thank you very much for taking time to do this!  I truly appreciate you!



16"H x 20"W, Multimedia on gallery wrapped canvas




Little Pockets of Humanity

16"W x 20"H, Multimedia on gallery wrapped canvas





Have a great day!


Your friend in art....


The Past and the Present....

| 25 April, 2012 10:51


I was fortunate enough to do another anniversary portrait for the parents of a dear friend.  She wanted to capture the way they were and the present all in one.  She had some great pictures, and with me loving the drama of old black and white photos and movies, I was excited to do it.

So below is the portrait of two people married 43 years, and are still going despite the ups and downs that life brings.  Happy Anniversary!



Have a great day!

Your friend in art...












What Dreams May Come....or not!

| 23 April, 2012 08:39


For those of you creative people out there.....


Did you ever have something conjured up in your mind, and you were just driven to bring it to life on canvas or sculpture, or whatever medium you work in?  Only to find that your hands just don't want to cooperate?  No matter what you just can't get it to translate?  It is extremely frustrating, that's for sure, because you are compelled to do it.  Sometimes you feel like you want to scrap it all, and then you put it aside, but in the back of your mind it is nagging at you to be put on the front burner again.  Your dream wants to come out and be known to the world.



Well, you aren't happens to everyone at some point.  The trick is how to get past it.  I have found, in my own work, that some of the paintings that cause me the most problems are usually the ones that other people like.  It baffles me because I haven't always quite replicated what I envisioned, but yet...somehow the painting gets the attention I wanted without reaching my idea of perfection! That old saying that "art is in the eye of the beholder" is true.  Art is very personal.  It is very subjective. The popularity can be fleeting.  Let's face it...there are thousands of artists out there, and there even more viewpoints on a given work or style.  In the end, an artist has to do what makes he or she happy because they are creating from within.  We create because we must, and we hope that others will like what we have to offer because we are giving a piece of ourselves to the world.  It is like baring your soul, and that takes guts.


So how does an artist get past being stuck, stiffled, blocked?  Well, there are several things that can be done....


1. Put it away. Start another piece, and let the first one simmer for awhile.  Sometimes you need to get involved with something else to gain clarity for your original project.

2. Get away from your studio for a bit. Take a walk. Go see a movie. Go listen to some music....maybe a live band! Go to an art exhibit and become inspired by your peers.  Being in a new environment, and relaxing your mind with alternative stimulus could be just what the doctor ordered!  You might see something or someone on your walk that will make the light bulb go on!  You might see a beautiful backdrop, or array of colors in a movie that snap your mind back onto track!  Closing your eyes and listening to a particular instrument in a melody or the words in a song could transport you to just where you need to go to draw inspiration!  Then go back and have at it! 


3. START OVER! you might be so absolutely disappointed in what you are doing that you simply just have to paint over what you have done.  I is sometimes difficult to do, especially if you are working in a restricted timeframe.  HOWEVER, sometimes working under pressure puts your brain into high gear, and with the problem can think much more clearly.  You might turn out a masterpiece!


There are some pieces you will never get off the ground, but the trick is....keep going!  Keep creating even if it is a little each day.  It is ok to scrap something that isn't working.  That is how we learn, but you have to keep going!  We all have something to offer, and you can't do it if you stop!


Happy creating!


Your friend in art....



| 08 March, 2012 07:04


I had an idea for a painting that I had tucked safely into my memory bank some time ago which was inspired by a movie about a great and famous artist, Pollack. About two weeks ago I was sitting in a restaurant where they were playing the oldies of the 50's and 60's.  The song, "Two Silhouettes on the Shade" (Made in 1957 and sung by The Rays) came across the loudspeaker, and like a spark....I remembered my long lost painting idea!


Click on the link above, listen to the song and just picture it.....On the inside....two lovers in the throws of passion.  On the outside....a jilted boyfriend seeing the two of them together.  I'm always talking about the emotion put into a painting so it can tranfer to the viewer.  Well....that sure stirs up some emotion, doesn't it?  I started thinking of a myriad of silhouette scenarios, and the range of emotions a viewer would display based on the subject, and a spreading fire, I have been working on a series of paintings, "The Silhouette Series", and I am very excited to share some of these with you!


In addition....I have been working with acrylic all along, but texture has found its way into my work, and I can't let go of it.  I want to touch as many of the senses as I can to create a bond with you, the viewer, the art lover.  All of the new works have some kind of tactile addition to it, and I am just loving how they add to the feeling of the paintings.  You can "feel" the wood work, the table, the picture frame.  All of this adds dimension, literally and figuratively to the painting.


Here is a peek at one of the paintings:

"A Kiss in the Shadows", Acrylic mixed media on 11x14 Canvas


Amongst the dimly lit hallway, two lovers kiss for the first time. The glow from the small lamp paints the room with romance. It spills quietly, seductively, into the hallway as if the passion could not contain itself.



Keep an eye out for more from this series.  This story and others continue!


Have a great day!


Your friend in art....