About Us


My name is Harvey Freeman and I am starting this blog to talk about art. I am a serious art enthusiast, and I would love to share what I know about art and the art world with you. I myself, am an artist, and I have been one for a very long time. My specialty is painting and I have been blessed enough throughout the years to be able to present my artwork at shows around the nation. I major in art in high school and college and worked as in illustrator before retiring. Nowadays, I still dabble in art, mainly to draw pictures and paint with my grandchildren. I don’t know if you have little ones, but if you do, you know there is nothing they enjoy more than putting their little hands in paint and smearing it all over paper. I have had to tell mine that your hands go on the paper, not the walls. (I had to do this with my own children as well when they were younger…lol).

But anyway, I now am showing Artwork by Camille. This talent artist is very expressive in her work, and I believe that this blog is a great way to introduce her work to the world. I met Camille a few years ago at an art show, and I have always been the type to help a fellow artist if I can. This is one of the things I love about today’s world, you don’t have to have a big show or lots of money to show your art talent to the universe; you can just do so on the internet.

I hope you enjoy Artwork by Camille as much as I do.